Thursday, February 26, 2009

Being Self Aware

Halibut, rock sole and flounder are strange looking fish in that the eyes are on one side of their bodies. When I did this drawing I was inspired by the halibut. The idea is that we only see in part or only part of what is going on around us. I've been learning a lot about being more self aware of my surroundings as if adding more eyes on my body to see more. See more, listen more and just be aware of what you do and how it affects other people. There are so many things in a given day that desensitizes us. I call this drawing "being self aware". 
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  1. Great blog Jeff! I agree with what you're saying above 100%.. its important. Loved seeing your fantasy landscapes of the NW. Your use of color in your art is fantastic. Keep up the great stuff.