Friday, July 13, 2012

Concept art for MCF Escape from Ravenhearst

Each game project that I work on has a lot of visual development to help guide the art direction and overall look and feel of the project. At the beginning stages, I produce a lot of rough sketches to explore the game screens, camera shots and overall lighting. These are just a few of the rough concepts for Mystery Case Files : Escape from Ravenhearst which was released last November.
The main goal of concept sketches is to capture the feel and not produce all the details. The MCF team artist are all master craftsmen who start with these ideas but turn the final art into magic. I call concept sketches "little visions" just a glimpse into the look of a painting. The reason that a lot of these are in black and white, is because the heart and soul of a great composition and painting is in the values more than the color. Color is important but value is supreme.
Lots of art love,


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Take a CatNap

Here are a few new drawings. I start with small thumbnail sketches in my sketchbook to explore basic shape and flow. Then I pick an image to jump straight into the drawing. The Nap Series is about enjoying life and entering into the rest of God. Within the rest there is peace, joy, fullfillment and some good sleep. Hmm I'm kind of feeling a nap coming on.
art love,


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Haynie art at Verksted Gallery

I joined a local artist coop gallery in the beautiful danish town of Poulsbo. It's a great group of artists with a variety of different art styles. Sherri and I loved the gallery the first time we walked in years ago. Since then we have met many of the artists who display there. So if your coming through Pouslbo, stop in. Here are a few pics of the display.
art love