Friday, February 20, 2009

Art and Soul workshop

Last Fall, Sherri and I took our first art workshop together in Portland, Oregon. We took a class from an artist we admire. Michael deMeng.
Micheal is an artist that takes junk and turns it into breathtaking art. Awesome concept. Take something that is trash to the average person and turn it into a treasure. Michael calls it Assemblage or Awesomeblage. 
We learned so much about our perceptions of what can be put together to make a cool art piece. The focus of the class was to take a tuna can and turn it into something. I took my can and added a beetle in glass, door hinge, Altoids tin, metal tooling foil and a taxidermist's fish eye. 
Sherri took her can and added a door hinge, wings, glass face, wire danglers etc.
We had a blast. 
Art is a journey. We wanted to try new things and experience them together especially without the cats getting into everything. 
I'm finding that as I grow there are two types of methods that are helping me open my eyes. One is reacting to something. Put things together and see what happens. Let it evolve.
Second way is by structured planning which tends to be additive by building on a strong foundation. Each method helps to keep me moving forward as an artist.
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  1. Hi Jeff,

    These sort of remind me of steampunk objects.
    The top one is my favourite.

    Best regards,